Sunday, March 4, 2018

Introduction to Blog!

Hello, everyone, my name is Jeremiah and today I want to share something very important to you. 

In the year 2018, I will be releasing a brand-new web novel on Wattpad.  To be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever worked on something that was original ever since second Renaissance and that was 15 years ago.  So, of course, I’m very happy and I’m very excited about bringing this to light.

So, I decided to create a developmental journal.  I will give you a first look at creating a brand-new web novel, Cross Roads.  However, me posting something like this will be very tedious for me to do.  And I know I’ve blogged about things in the past but I really do feel that something at this magnitude deserves its own blog and its own website.  So, I created  blog to record this developmental journal.

And on that bombshell, I want to say thank you for supporting me over the past few months and I will see you on the other side and have a good one! XD

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