Monday, March 5, 2018

Giving Everyone Their Due!

Hello everyone!

I know for a fact I have been entirely absent when it came to doing audio blogs and creating pre-draft draft content.  I have just been very, very busy dealing with life outside of Wattpad and Patreon.  However, I made a conscious decision on taking my writing and my podcasting that I will be starting in about two weeks as a part-time job now.  If I ever want to be successful in both venues, I’ll have to take this seriously as a job and not just something as an outlet.  They could still be valid from anger and for my sadness and from a passion, but also, I want to make this as a career path.

Which leads me to a mini announcement, I am about three chapters away from finishing my second novel of the Cross Roads series.  However, I feel there are a lot of miniature stories that sometimes go unsung.  A lot of back stories that are pretty much told in summary and not by chapter to chapter.  That is why I am going to be creating a collection of short stories and novellas of characters that are not a part of the Crucis Sentinels. I guess I am going back to my word about dealing with filler.

But as I proceed by giving every character the same kind of attention in the spotlight and not treating them as cannon fodder for main characters.   And besides, you’ll give me a chance to expand my creativity give me a needed break focusing on the Crucis Sentinels and the Aethereal Queen.

So that’s it, see you on the other side!

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