Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cross Roads: The Monsters Among Us - Chapter 13 (Public Release)

Hunting a werewolf all night, there is only one thing to do afterwards: Breakfast!

 Hello, everyone. My name is Marguerite Fuchs, and this is September 5, 2014, version of 'The 1300 podcast; where we talk about what's happening in New York and around the world! Last night at Sycamore University a major gas explosion occurred at one of their campuses. Some say it was deliberate or faulty wiring. As they clean up Ground Zero, the Dean of the University claims that the 80-year-old auditorium is unsalvageable. The Marco Polo auditorium, that was used as an art exhibit for this week inspiring from 'monster attacks' across the campus."

Chapter 13 is out now!

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