Sunday, March 18, 2018

Getting Noticed (Redux)

Now we can add these four to the list of contests that I have been accepted on Wattpad!

  • The Sun Awards 2018
  • The Wammy Awards 2018
  • The Diamond Awards 2018
  • The Royalty Awards 2018

The Cross Roads web novel series has been taking off in a big way and is being well received.  Now more than ever I want to do some book and author interviews to further get my name out there.  I think being accepted into 18 contests is a significant and even number.  I might shoot for 20, but who really knows at this point.  I really need to get back to writing and finishing up the second novel.

However, I might end up doing a short novella that only focuses on the Crucis Sentinels and the Aethereal Queen.  I think I want to do a story that involves them hanging out and doing something fun!  I have a few ideas…

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